Tuesday 28 September 2010

28 September

A rainy day meant that our planned walk on the Nakasendo Way looked like it might not be much fun.  However, having travelled quite a long way from Matsutmoto to Magome, we concluded it would be silly just to head back, so we set off on the 7.2km walk over the hill to Tsumago.  We were very glad we did, as the rain eased and the walk was very beautiful.  There were lots of signs warning us about bears (photo at 13.05), and in some places there were bells to ring to scare them off, but we didn't see any.  The streams, rivers, waterfalls and paddy feels were all very pretty, as was Tsumago when we got there.  Even better, we visited our best onsen yet in the hills above Tsumago, to relax after the walk, and from there we enjoyed a stunning sunset over the mountains (photos on Facebook).  We were tired when we got back to Matsumoto, so we had a peaceful evening.

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