Wednesday 22 September 2010

22 September

We travelled to Kyoto by shinkansen in speed and comfort, and then, having dropped our bags at our hotel, headed out on bikes to explore.  We started at Nijo-jo, an incredible castle with nightingale floors.  Then we failed to get in to the imperial palace but enjoyed its gardens, before looking round Heian shrine.  We then cycled passed the enormous Chion-in temple and down through some gardens to Gion, where we did an interesting, if long, walking tour to learn about geisha/geiko life.  Finally, we went to a kaiten-zushi (sushi) bar for an excellent, cheap dinner, during which Nao took this photo of Leen and I at 20.25.

I've put a set of photos from Japan on Facebook now, which anyone following this link from here will be able to view, whether they're on Facebook or not.

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