Friday 24 September 2010

24 September

The day started with a wonderful, enormous, traditional Japanese breakfast in our ryokan hotel.  It was served on low table in a private room for the four of us, and included miso, pickles, fish, tofu, egg, rice, and other things I can't remember.  We then travelled by train to Nara, an old capital of Japan.  Nara has spectacular temples around a park, one of which contains the biggest Buddha image in Japan.  In the park, the deer are revered and are therefore tame, plentiful, and everywhere.  They can be quite forceful in demanding food!  Here's one coming for me at 12.06.

In the evening our party of four split: I'm spending the weekend in Osaka with Eireann, while the others headed back to Kyoto.  Eireann met me at Osaka station (a feat in itself) and we went for food, and lots of beers and catch-up chat in an izakaya (a pub, basically) before heading out to her and Nari's home in Yao.

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