Sunday 26 September 2010

26 September

Eireann and I went in to Osaka to meet up with Leen, Tine and Nao, and we had a wander around Shinsekai, and then a lunch of okonomiyaki.  Eireann then headed home, while the rest of us went to the world-renowned Osaka Aquarium.  I'd never seen a whale shark before, and now I want to see one when diving even more.  It's a very impressive place.  Leen and I then went on the ferris wheel again, this time as it was getting dark, before heading back to Yao for a lovely dinner prepared by Eireann and Nari.  Photo at 20.37.  Tine and Nao have gone to Matsumoto on a night bus, and we'll join them there tomorrow.

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