Sunday 31 October 2010

October retrospective video

Music from Jamiroquai, since I saw them in London on the 20th.

31 October

Leen and I didn't go to this hallowe'en party in the pub opposite her house, but we did go in for games of pool and Scrabble in the afternoon and we were impressed by their advertising at 18.06.  Doesn't Leen look scary?

30 October

A day of fun in London.  All afternoon I was at a rehearsal for an extremely exciting project which I'll post about on Friday.  In the evening I went to a brilliant murder mystery party devised by Toby and James.  It was fun and ridiculous.  Photo at 21.43, and there are more stupid photos on Facebook.

Saturday 30 October 2010

29 October

Fun this evening in the Cape of Good Hope with, from left, Calum, Hedda, Leen, Me, (and out of shot) Katy, Sue, Stephen, and John.  Thanks to John for taking this photo at 21.41.

Thursday 28 October 2010

28 October

After lots and lots of travels, Sara is back in the country and she came round tonight for dinner and to see Whiskey.  We had a lovely evening.  Leen brought this tasty pumpkin pie for dessert (yes, that's right, two pumpkin photos in a row), which she'd made with Alice this afternoon.  Photo at 20.47.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

27 October

Another day of being ill, but I'm feeling much better this evening.  Leen came round with pumpkins to cheer me up, and we created these beautiful specimens.  You can probably guess which one's mine.  Photo at 19.42.

Also, if any of you are interested, I've now made a video using photos from Japan, so if you'd like to get a flavour of that holiday in 3.5 minutes, take a look at

Tuesday 26 October 2010

26 October

Still ill, so another very boring day at home.  This is a fridge magnet I brought back from Nara, where there are lots of deer.  Photo at 21.57.

25 October

I have a rubbish cold, so this captures my day.  Photo at 23.10.

Monday 25 October 2010

24 October

Went cycling in Richmond park with this gang in the morning, which was lovely, despite the fact that I have a horrid cold and I fell down the stairs!  Photo when we got back, at 12.10.  Also saw Laura, Zoe and Martin in Bray this afternoon, which was good fun.

23 October

In Richmond this evening, for Charlotte's 30th birthday karaoke party.  Some more photos on Facebook, but this one was towards the end of the evening, at 23.35.

22 October

I like this photo of Leen and I, taken by Sue at 19.35.

21 October

Leen and I went to see the Social Network this evening.  I thought it was great, but Leen was unimpressed, as I think she manages to convey in this photo, at 20.49.

20 October

Not a great photo, but I didn't take my proper camera down to London for the evening.  This is Jamiroquai on stage at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town.  It was a fantastic gig.  Photo at 21.20.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

19 October

I think today's photo needs no explanation.  Taken at 23.03.

Monday 18 October 2010

18 October

Nothing to report: work, spin, and a quiet evening in.  So, seeking inspiration for a photo, I though of one of my sillier souvenirs from Japan: these shinkansen chopsticks.  I haven't used them yet, but I think they're great.  Photo at 22.54.

17 October

Months ago, an idea was born on Twitter.  Today, it became reality: the group of people in this photo, sometimes known as the Wasabians, enjoyed a wonderful Italian feast of bollito misto at Jenny and Gareth's house.  The meal was fantastic, the wine was lovely, and the whole this was lots and lots of fun.  Here we all are, walking off our main course with a wander along the Wandle at 16.03.  The cheese and ice cream was still to come.  Thank you very very much, chefs!

Saturday 16 October 2010

16 October

This evening I went to see the Oxford Pro Musica Singers, including Martha, perform a programme of Stravinsky, Strauss and Bruckner in the University Church.  The Bruckner, in particular, was lovely: his Mass in E minor.  Photo as the second half was about to begin, at 21.05.

15 October

I think this photo makes me look young.  And silly, of course.  Rosa had made this special bonnet for John's housewarming party gathering this evening.  Photo at 22.26.

14 October

Not a great photo, partly because I didn't have my proper camera with me, but it does capture the mood at the annual Oxford Beer Festival in the town hall this evening.  Taken as I was leaving, at 21.59.

13 October

This is the front of the newly reopened Pegasus Theatre, near my house.  Taken on my way home from work, at 19.09.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

12 October

After choir at Keble, I went over to take some photos of the Ghost Forest installation outside the Natural History Museum.  Photo at 21.37.

11 October

My department had an away day at Heythrop Park today, which was good fun.  I went for a wander around the grounds as the sun was setting, and took this photo at 18.06.

Monday 11 October 2010

10 October

Leen and I had lunch at La Cucina.  I hadn't been there for ages, and it was really good.  I should have taken a photo of my main course (tiger prawns with canelloni), but realised that too late because I was busy eating it.  Then I thought that I'd just take a photo of dessert instead (pears stewed in red wine), but then it turned up and was so tempting that I forgot.  So in the end we have a photo of the open kitchen, taken as we were leaving at 15.26.

Sunday 10 October 2010

9 October

Visitors today: Laura this afternoon, and then Lydia and Craig this evening.  A group of us went for a curry and then to the Gardeners' to mark Chris' birthday.  Photo taken by Craig at 22.09.

8 October

This salad, which I ate in Chiang Mai while out for dinner with Incuna and ELT, was absolutely delicious.  It was also, however, incredibly spicy, and I'm afraid I was defeated by it.  Taken during a necessary water break, at 21.07.

7 October

Went for a drink with Esther after work, to tell her about Japan and give her the birthday present I bought in Kyoto.  Photo taken by the barman at 18.30.

6 October

Went round to Leen's new flat for dinner tonight, so here's a photo of it at 19.51.

5 October

First 365 photo taken with my new iPhone, whic has a much better camera than my last one.  Brian and Jane had a party at their lovely house this evening, and had these candles on the kitchen table.  Taken at 23.17.

4 October

The most important thing that happened today is that I bought a new iPhone 4.  I didn't take a photo of it or with it, though, so here's Leen after we've just had dinner in Zizzi, at 20.08.

3 October

Another bad photo today, sorry.  Jo and Pete stayed at my house last night, and with Katrina we went to the Flowing Well at Sunningwell for lunch.  Photo afterwards, at 15.14.

2 October

An appalling iPhone photo for a very long day.  Tine came with us to the airport to see us off.  The flight was long and boring, especially for Leen who didn't really I sleep.  This bunch of people were all in Oxford for a reunion, so I went straight out on getting home.  Challenging, but lots of fun.  Photo in Jamal's at 21.28.

1 October

I packed a lot into my last day in Japan.  We arrived back in to Tokyo from Oyama at about 11, and I went straight Ebisu and Daikanyama for a wander around the cool and quirky shops, and to visit the Tokyo museum of photography.  From there I went to Roppongi, ate some edamame and gyoza to keep me going, and then visited that architecturally fantastic National Art Centre.  I enjoyed an exhibition of paintings and photography themed around shadows, but the best thing was the building itself.  I then walked over to Roppongi Hills, and went up to its rooftop observatory for great views of Tokyo, and also to its modern art gallery.  The best installation in the gallery was a papier mache forest which you could pop your head through: tough to describe, and I can't find any pictures online.  From there I went to Shibuya crossing, and then walked up to Harajuku to meet up with Leen, Tine and Nao for ice cream in Grom.  We went to Kiddyland for presents, and then had dinner in a sushi restaurant in Ikebukero, and then back at Tine and Nao's flat we drank the bottle of 1984 Rivesaltes which Leen had bought when we visited L'Hospitalet back in June.  A little merry from that, we got this photo on their sofa at 23.17.

I had a great time in Japan.  There's an album of photos on Facebook which has more than one per day, which you might be interested to look at.