Monday 31 May 2010

May retrospective video

Music for this month: Here Comes the Blackout...! from Stornoway's brilliant top 20 album, Beachcomber's Windowsill.  This song is currently available for free from iTunes as their single of the week if you click here.

31 May

The day after the wedding deception, some of us went punting and then played croquet at Wolfson.  This is how a bank holiday weekend should be.  Taken at 15.09.  More photos available.

Sunday 30 May 2010

30 May

Today we held a wedding deception at the OUP Sports Grounds.  This involved wonderful food and drinks, and lots of croquet and cricket.  He we all are tucking into our picnic, at 14.57.  More photos from the weekend on Facebook.

29 May

Today was a day of preparing for tomorrow.  Lots of fun cooking, shopping, mincing, recceing, drinking.  Here we are in the Gardeners' at 23.08.

Saturday 29 May 2010

28 May

Went to a fantastic late night opening at the Natural History Museum tonight.  The Son et Lumière show was very impressive.  More, better photos on Facebook (public link).

Thursday 27 May 2010

27 May

Matt did a barbecue at his house tonight, which was fun.  Stephen was there too.  Here he is, looking happy (Leen says suave).  Taken at 20.59.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

26 May

Not the best photo ever, but it captures the moment!  Had a nice chat tonight with mum and dad tonight, who are touring Croatia in their motorhome.  Sounds like they're having a really good time.  They've enjoyed a swim in the Adriatic this evening, and then a barbecue by their campsite somewhere north of Dubrovnik.  Taken at 20.55.

25 May

Nothing to report today, so Whisky makes her first appearance since February 3.  Taken at 23.50 (cutting it fine!).

Monday 24 May 2010

24 May

STORNOWAY'S DEBUT ALBUM IS OUT TODAY! GO AND BUY IT! It's £7.99 in HMV, as you can see from this photo I took on my way home at 17.30.  It's £6.99 at and Amazon, or only £5.99 on iTunes!  It's also really really really really good, as lots of reviews have said.

23 May

I hope this captures the mood of Wood festival.  It was a brilliant weekend, with amazing hot sunny weather.  I took this at 19.24.  There are lots more great photos from this great photo up on Facebook here.

22 May

As it was such a beautifully hot day, some of us walked from the Wood festival site at Braziers Park over to the Thames at Little Stoke for a swim in the river.  That was an excellent idea.  Photo taken on the way, at 14.31.

21 May

I'm at Wood festival this weekend.  We arrived as the sun was going down, and the site looked lovely.  Taken at 20.39.

20 May

Not a great photo, but a truly great gig: Stornoway on stage at their sold-out ULU gig in London.  Taken at 21.53.

Thursday 20 May 2010

19 May

Today was Leen's housemate Arne's birthday.  Here he is, smiling for the camera, while Davide tries to steal his cake.  Taken at 21.53.

18 May

Went to Atomic Burger with John after choir tonight.  They sell excellent burgers, and they have toys decorating the restaurant, including this one, which I photographed at 22.14.

Monday 17 May 2010

17 May

Went to Farnham today for work.  Didn't get to see much, but it looked like a nice enough very rich very English town.  Walked round the block when we paused for a lunch to attempt to loosen up my extremely stiff legs, and took this photo of a statue in a shopping precinct at 13.23.

16 May

A very busy day.  This morning I ran the Town and Gown 10k race, and at the finish line Leen took this photo at 11.17.  I'm really proud to have done this without breaking my leg like I did last time, and particularly that I did it in (just) under an hour.  Then we had a rainy barbecue at our house, followed by the Oxford Blue for England's glorious Twenty20 World Cup victory.  Finally, Stornoway gave a brilliant acoustic album launch gig at the A1 Pool Hall this evening.  Very tired by the end of all that!

15 May

Went to London this evening for Hannah's birthday party.  It was a really fun evening at Balls Brothers by the river at Hays Galleria.  Took this at 19.42.

Saturday 15 May 2010

14 May

Saw CocoRosie at the Regal tonight.  Didn't know much about them in advance - it was a tip from Rich - but I was really impressed and certainly hope to see them again.  The visuals were great too, as illustrated by this photo, taken at 20.58.

Thursday 13 May 2010

13 May

Leen and I went to Catweazle tonight.  I hadn't been for ages, and Leen had never been.  It was a great night, with excellent guitarists, singers and poets.  Must go more often.  Photo taken before the acts started, at 19.53.

12 May

Saw Foals at the Zodiac tonight with Rich.  Totally brilliant gig, even better than when I saw them there last time.  Hope they're playing Glastonbury.  Taken at 20.54, I think during Cassius.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

11 May

This is a detail on the roof of Keble college.  Taken before choir practise, at 19.16.

Monday 10 May 2010

10 May

Nothing to report today.  Took the scenic route home along the river, and got this at 18.31.

9 May

Brilliant day!  Went to Liverpool to see Everton beat Portsmouth City 1-0, with an injury-time winner from Diniyar Bilyaletdinov.  Here we all are celebrating at the end of the game, at 18.04.

8 May

Here's the Oxford Collutorium being applauded at the end of an excellent concert at Exeter College Chapel this evening.  They performed Rachminoff's All Night Vigil, which I'd never heard in full before.  Taken at 20.57.

Saturday 8 May 2010

7 May

Had a nice evening with some a mixture of new and old friends, starting with an excellent dinner at Santorini on Cowley Road, and ending up in the Magdalen Arms again, where I took this picture at 21.08.

6 May

General Election day.  I voted before work, and took this photo at 09.20.  No photos allowed in the polling station itself, of course.

Wednesday 5 May 2010

5 May

Went on a school trip to the OUP distribution centre in Corby today.  It's much bigger than I'd imagined, and very impressive.  Photo taken at 12.45.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

4 May

Choir practice tonight, obviously.  Taken at 19.54.

3 May

Went for breakfast with Lydia, Craig and Leen at a greasy spoon called Diana's, on Holloway Road.  I'm sure she'd be delighted to be immortalised as a carpet on a wall in such a place.  Taken at 12.25 (OK, so it was a late breakfast!).

2 May

It was difficult to choose which photo to use today, as tonight's Stornoway/We Are Scientists gig at the Roundhouse was fantastic.  But I like this photo of the afternoon spent in the Antelope in Tooting with lots of lovely people.  Taken at 17.23.

1 May

Went to see my nephew's football practice this morning.  He's getting very good.  Taken at 11.22.