Saturday 25 September 2010

25 September

We had a slow start to the day, but then packed a lot in.  We started at the Osaka Modern Transportation Museum, which of course I loved.  I got to sit in the driver's cab of the first ever shinkansen, and there were lots of other fun things for me to look at and play with, too.  We then went to the Osaka Takoyaki Museum, which isn't a museum: it's a series of outlets from the best takoyaki shops in Osaka.  Delicious.  From there, we got a ferry over to Tempozan, where we enjoyed a street entertainer and then went on an enormous ferris wheel: photo at 16.01.  We then travelled back up to the north of the city centre to visit the incredible, ridiculous, Umeda Sky building.  I loved it: bonkers architecture and a brilliant outdoor observatory on the roof.  We stayed to watch the sun go down, and I got some photos I'm really pleased with.  They're in my Japan album on Facebook.  Finally, we headed to Dotombori to meet up with Nari and go for dinner.  Twice, in fact: ramen and then kushi-katsu.

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