Wednesday, 30 June 2010

June retrospective video

Highlights of the month were France and Glastonbury, so this month's music is from Phoenix, a French band who I saw at Glastonbury.

30 June

Leen and I had a lovely evening walking down the river.  This is us reflected in the Thames at 20.18.

29 June

Back to the real world.  After a busy day at work, I joined Rich for a drink in the pump quad at Worcester College, and took this photo of the crest above staircase 16 at 18.44.  Anyone know whose crest it is?  I don't.

Monday, 28 June 2010

28 June

This is the not-too-great state I was in when I got back from Glastonbury.  Living in a field, without a shower, will do this to people.  Taken in my bedroom at 14.46, soon after getting home, and shortly before a very long shower.  More photos from the weekend on Facebook.

27 June

Stevie Wonder was a brilliant headliner.  We sang and danced a lot.  Taken 21.56, soon after he'd come on stage.

26 June

I took plenty of better photos than this today (see Facebook album), but Lydia warned me she'd be very angry if she didn't appear in a Glastonbury 365 photo.  So here we are at 21.21, having just loved the xx on the John Peel stage.

25 June

The music got going in full on Friday.  Saw lots of great things, but probably the best was a surprise appearance at the Park by Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead.  I was waiting up at the Crow's Nest for them to come on when I took this at 19.50.  More on Facebook.

24 June

We explored Shangri La and the other late night areas on Thursday, and saw lots of weird and wonderful things.  I got this at 22.16.  More on Facebook.

23 June

First night at a strangely, gloriously sunny Glastonbury.  Watched the football on the Pyramid stage in the afternoon, and headed up this hill in the evening.  Got this photo, up above the Park, at 22.21.  My photos from the festival are all up on Facebook.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

22 June

OK, so I'm only on my way to Glastonbury tonight: staying in Salisbury with mum and dad.  We enjoyed a barbecue, before which I got this photo at 20.35.

21 June

Stephen did a barbecue at his house tonight, so here's a plate of tastyness (21.26).  I should have been packing for Glastonbury, really, but barbecues are more fun than packing.  There will now be another few days of silence on the blog, until I'm back from Glastonbury next Monday night.  Here's hoping I remember to take a picture every day!

20 June

Here I am at the Gardeners' Arms, at 14.40, with Nicola and Chris.  I hadn't seen Nicola for ages, so that was nice.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

19 June

Jubilate's summer concert at the Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford tonight.  I'm in the middle at the back, looking chuffed as we receive applause.  Mum and Dad came, which was lovely, and Dad took this photo for me at 19.30.  We went for a good curry at Chutneys afterwards, and then coffee at Albion Beatnik.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

18 June

Oh dear England.  I watched the game in the Black Swan with nice people, and took this photo of the telly at 21.29.

Friday, 18 June 2010

17 June

Back to work today, though only for a few days as I'm off to Glastonbury next week.  Went for a drink with Rich and the Lunns in Worcester College after work, and it was looking wonderful in the evening sunlight, so I wandered round the quad with my camera at 18.43.

16 June

A sunny day in Paris. Lots of walking, and lunch with my old housemate Anaïs after which we got this photo at 13.47.  It was followed by amazing ice cream at Grom, a trip to Montmartre, and goodbye to Leen at Gare du Nord, who's off to Belgium for a week, before catching the Eurostar home to end a wonderful holiday.

15 June

Our last day in Paraza, sadly. We had lunch at the Café du Port again, which was delicious again.  In the afternoon Leen and I went to Narbonne in the hope of seeing the Horreum, but it's shut on Tuesdays, annoyingly.  For dinner we feasted on the leftovers and Jenny drew this in the visitors book (photo at 20.39), before we headed in to Narbonne for our sleeper back to Paris.

14 June

We got a real treat today: a guided tour and tasting followed by a delicious lunch at Château L'Hospitalet.  Gareth works for Bibendum, meaning we got very special treatment!  We'd planned to go on to the beach, but the rain came in so we just had a drive around Gruissan and the marshes before heading home for delicious roast chicken.  Photo taken at 11.32.

13 June

We went canoeing down the Aude, from Puichéric to Tourouzelle, which was great fun.  I took this from Leen and my boat at 11.35.  Later, we went up over the Montagne d'Alaric and had ice cream at Lagrasse, before a delicious roast leg of lamb for dinner back in Paraza.

12 June

Today we visited Carcassonne market to stock up on lamb, haricots and apricots.  We then explored the old city, shown here at 13.22, before heading to the Lac de la Cabayere for a picnic and a swim.  We had dinner at the brilliant Café du Port and later watching the less brilliant England draw with the USA.

11 June

Today we stayed around the village, except for an early swimming team which ventured to Bize and returned before I'd even got up.  We walked to Ste Valiere and Ventenac, sometimes in drizzle, and arrived back to Paraza for this photo at 17.32.  In the evening we enjoyed merguez, saucisson, and ratatouille.

10 June

We've made it to Paraza!  We arrived very early into Narbonne station, some having slept more than others.  We explored the town and, importantly, did lots of shopping in the Halles.  Later we went wine shopping and to the boulodrome, before feasting on fish stew at the house.  We invited Chloe, a Canadian student working at the château, to join us for dinner.  I took this photo from the roof terrace at 19.56.

9 June

This was an absolutely delicious leg of lamb at the Rotisserie de Beaujolais in Paris, eaten before boarding the sleeper train down to Narbonne.  Taken at 20.33.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

8 June

I got this photo at 21.40, near Lamb and Flag passage.  I'd been at Keble for choir.  I'm off on holiday for a week now, so probably won't be updating the blog until next Wednesday or Thursday.  I hope the photos of the week will be worth waiting for.

Monday, 7 June 2010

7 June

This is a low.  158 days into the year, today's offering is of the inside of a number four bus taking me home from a lovely dinner with Tara, who's visiting from Boston.  It was raining, so I didn't want to cycle.  Taken at 21.57.

6 June

Leen and Semele ran the Race for Life in the University Parks today, so this was nearly a picture of them, victorious.  But later in the day, Leen took Stephen and I in to All Souls for a look at the Codrington Library, where she used to work.  It's a very beautiful place, but no photos are allowed in there.  I thought the chapel was pretty special too, though, so here's a photo of that.  Taken at 18.13.

5 June

Went to Lord's today, for the first time.  It wasn't a game I cared about - Middlesex vs Northants - but it wasn't expensive, and the weather was mainly good.  We had fun.  This picture captures most of what happened on the field in the four hours we were there, though: it was low scoring, and only two wickets fell.  Taken at 14.19.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

4 June

Oxford beat Cambridge in the Varsity Twenty20 match in the University Parks today.  Hooray!  I went along to watch after work, and took this photo during Cambridge's innings, at 18.29.

3 June

Leen submitted her MPhil thesis today, so celebrations were in order.  So here are some lovely people celebrating with Leen in the Rusty Bicycle, at 23.12 this evening.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

2 June

Had a barbecue at home tonight.  And look!  Some people came round!  Taken at 21.06.

1 June

Today was a good day at work - I got confirmed in post after a three month probation period - but that's not really photogenic.  Playing football after work would have worked, but I was too busy staggering around the pitch to take photos.  So we end up with Bruce Forsyth presenting HIGNFY, because it was funny.  Taken at 22.30.