Tuesday 31 August 2010

August retrospective video

This month's music is Charles Trenet's Boum, which as well as being brilliant is featured in Toto le heros, which we watched on August 11.

31 August

Here's Christ Church college, taken from St Aldate's as I took the scenic route home from work at 18.16.

30 August

Busy day!  Good breakfast at the B&B, then we climbed Sugarloaf Mountain - here we are at the top at 13.18.  Later we dropped in on Rachel and Fraser in Cheltenham on our way back to Oxford.  More photos, including some from this walk which I'm pleased with, on Facebook.

29 August

This is Penpergwm Lodge, the lovely B&B where Leen and I are staying tonight.  It has wonderful gardens, and a decent pub down the road where we had too much dinner.  Photo at 18.07.

28 August

Went to Fran and Craig's wedding in Oxford, and then their wedding party at Kintbury today.  Good to have a campfire at a wedding!  Taken at 23.18.  More photos from this weekend on Facebook.

Friday 27 August 2010

27 August

Went to the Magdalen Arms with John and Matt this evening for a couple of Friday night beers.  Apparently the piano is out of tune.  I didn't check, but I did take a photo of it at 21.45.

26 August

Catweazle wasn't as good tonight as last week, but I thought this guy was pretty photogenic, so I chose him for this photo at 21.19.

25 August

Needed a night in tonight.  I like that you can now watch Match of the Day 2 on iPlayer.  I enjoyed watching that while keeping an eye on Tottenham vs Young Boys.  Here it is, all lined up, at 20.25.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

24 August

Leen, Esther and I went to see The Illusionist at the Phoenix tonight.  A very enjoyable film, particularly if you know and love Edinburgh or enjoyed Belleville Rendezvous.  Here we are in Raoul's at 18.27, just before the film.

Monday 23 August 2010

23 August

Martha and I went for lunch at the Jericho Tavern today, which was lovely.  Jane took a photo of us in the Fairway at OUP afterwards, at 13.35.

22 August

This is Edna's beautiful dog Emil, who never tires of playing fetch.  Not always a blessing when you're having an afternoon of playing croquet, ultimate frisbee, rounders and french cricket!  Fun day.  Photo at 13.09.

21 August

Pete drove me down to East Coker today in his very nice car to go to Binny's 30th birthday party, which is tomorrow.  We passed Stonehenge at 16.26.  Fun times when we got there, meeting Binny and Edna's new son Tobias, and catching up over pizza and wine.

Saturday 21 August 2010

20 August

Tennis, then wine, and then a good chinese meal at Paddyfields with Rich, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend.  Our waitress took this photo for us at 22.40.

19 August

Leen, Naomi and I went to Catweazle tonight.  Here's Ed performing his "rock medley" at 22.34.  More photos from tonight on Facebook.

18 August

Jo D came for lunch at OUP today, and after we'd eaten we went to check out an exhibition at Art Jericho.  It's an installation called Entangled Practice, by David Dixon.  Here's a photo of a small part of the installation, taken at 13.28.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

17 August

Rich and I played tennis again this evening, so here's a record of that taken at 18.59.

Monday 16 August 2010

16 August

I wore my new suit for the first time, today.  Given that there's nothing much else to report I thought I should probably just take a photo of myself on the way home after spin.  So here I am outside Hertford college at 20.01.

15 August

Went to the wonderful Jane's Teas in Kidlington this afternoon with Leen and Naomi.  It's an amazing place.  Jane opens on summer Sunday afternoons, welcoming people to her canalside smallholding just outside Kirtlington for cream teas and cakes.  You should definitely go.  She doesn't have a website, but my friend Quaint Living has blogged about it, as has Leen's friend Stuck in a Book.  I took this at 17.52, and I've put some more photos on Facebook.

Sunday 15 August 2010

14 August

Clare had a birthday party at Jack's house tonight.  There were bubbles.  Abi hid behind one, at 22.53.

13 August

This is one of Rich's cats.  I think it's Jet.  Taken in his garden after work, at 17.58.  Later, Leen and I watched one of my all-time favourite films, The Thomas Crown Affair.

Thursday 12 August 2010

12 August

This is a model of what the university plans to build on the site of the old Radcliffe Infirmary.  It's currently on display at OUP, because the site is just over the road from us.  I think the building on the left will be the new maths institute, and the building in the centre is for humanities.  You can also see the planned underground library.  Taken at 18.51 while I was waiting for the rain to stop so I could go home.

11 August

Played tennis with Rich after work, in Worcester College.  This was the view from the tennis courts as we finished at 18.51.  Later, Leen and I joined Rich to watch his all-time favourite film,
Toto le héros, and we could see why he loves it so much.  Certainly a film I'd recommend.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

10 August

Nothing to report today, except that I liked the look of the sky down Cowley Road at 21.14 this evening.

Monday 9 August 2010

9 August

This evening I went to a free concert given by the Savile Consort in the chapel at Corpus Christi College. Leen was supposed to come too, and I wouldn't have known about it if she hadn't told me, but she's got a nasty cold so she had to miss it. Get well soon, Leen. Photo taken before the concert, at 19.51. I've just put some photos from the weekend on Facebook.

8 August

Mmmmm, tasty.  Today I bought a new suit for the first time since Sydney 2004, but I didn't take a photo of it.  Then I didn't take a photo of my lunch in the King's Arms with Leen, Amyas, Esther (not Amira) and Sam (not Shepherd).  But I did take a photo of the glass of Leffe I enjoyed with Leen and John while watching some cricket at the University Club, at 16.12.

7 August

Bagels for breakfast with Leen, Semele and Ned, then Bicester Village for shopping, then Rich's rooms in Worcester College for poker with Rich, Ant, Mark and Jo.  I enjoyed the sunset from Rich's secret garden before we got going, and took this photo at 20.40.

6 August

Oxford Blue fun tonight with various people, including Calum, who was very proud of this blackboard hit, at 23.04.

Thursday 5 August 2010

5 August

Leen and I went to see the Oxford Philomusica at the Town Hall this evening.  In this photo, taken at 20.01, they're still limbering up.  Leen loved the first half, Chopin's 2nd piano concerto, with Cristina Ortiz on piano.  That was good, but I preferred the second half, Beethoven's Eroica symphony.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

4 August

Went to see Toy Story 3 with Claire, Jo, and Jo tonight.  Here we are with our silly 3D glasses on after the show at 21.15.  It's an absolutely brilliant film, so I highly recommend you see it.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

3 August

John and I went to Jaipur for a very good curry.  No good photos of the food, so here's a picture of a hanging on the wall of the restaurant, at 21.23.

2 August

Leen and I went to see Alex compering a stand up comedy night at Baby Simple tonight.  It was a warm up gig for the show they're taking to Edinburgh.  From Baby Simple there's a good view of the art on the walls of Cowley Road's shops, so I took this while we waited for the show to start, at 19.36.  Some more photos from tonight and from the weekend are on Facebook.

1 August

I went down to London today to meet up with nice people like Toby, Jo, Jo and Mark, and to do some more party venue scouting.  That's what I was doing when I took this photo at 18.19.  Good location, right?