Sunday 10 October 2010

1 October

I packed a lot into my last day in Japan.  We arrived back in to Tokyo from Oyama at about 11, and I went straight Ebisu and Daikanyama for a wander around the cool and quirky shops, and to visit the Tokyo museum of photography.  From there I went to Roppongi, ate some edamame and gyoza to keep me going, and then visited that architecturally fantastic National Art Centre.  I enjoyed an exhibition of paintings and photography themed around shadows, but the best thing was the building itself.  I then walked over to Roppongi Hills, and went up to its rooftop observatory for great views of Tokyo, and also to its modern art gallery.  The best installation in the gallery was a papier mache forest which you could pop your head through: tough to describe, and I can't find any pictures online.  From there I went to Shibuya crossing, and then walked up to Harajuku to meet up with Leen, Tine and Nao for ice cream in Grom.  We went to Kiddyland for presents, and then had dinner in a sushi restaurant in Ikebukero, and then back at Tine and Nao's flat we drank the bottle of 1984 Rivesaltes which Leen had bought when we visited L'Hospitalet back in June.  A little merry from that, we got this photo on their sofa at 23.17.

I had a great time in Japan.  There's an album of photos on Facebook which has more than one per day, which you might be interested to look at.

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