Friday 31 December 2010

31 December

I made it!  Project 365 is complete!  Here we all are waiting to celebrate the new year at Simon and Helen's party at 23.56.  A great party.  The only sadness in this photo is that Jacqui's not in it: she's out of shot to the right hand side.  She would have been in January 1 and December 31, but as it is there's only me that's in both.

I've really enjoyed doing this project, though obviously there've been days when I've struggled.  I'm looking forward to not doing it in 2011, though!  I'm planning just a couple more posts on this blog (video for December and for the whole year, and maybe some stats or something like that), but essentially I'm now putting this project to bed.  Thanks to those of you who've read, commented, retweeted, featured, and generally been encouraging.  I do intend to keep photoblogging at, and sharing stuff I get up to on there and on Twitter.

I hope you all have a very happy 2011.


alice said...

Well done! I have enjoyed following your project. Big congratulations on completing it.

The twist that you put on your 365 challenge that I found particularly interesting was that often the picture wasn't taken by you but by a waiter or a friend. Often 365 photo challenges are about oneself taking a picture every day, usually with some sort of goal of improving photography skills. But with your 365, rather than having the more solitary goal of taking a picture every day, you got all sorts of other people involved in your project whether they knew it or not which I thought was brilliant.

Aeneas said...

congratulations on finishing !!

I also started one:
hope I'll be able to complete it..